CashFlow Conference

May 21, 2023

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Welcome to the CashFlow Conference 2023

The cash flow conference provides an opportunity for participants to learn from local entrepreneurs who will share their own experiences, and network with other professionals. The knowledge and insights gained from attending this cash flow conference can help individuals take the leap and improve their cash flow

Cashflow (22)

Event Speakers

Local Entrepreneurs of all Experience Levels Who Are Willing To Serve the community by sharing real life experience's to help you move to your next level

Minister Fred II

Founder and executive director of 'No More Dirty inc"

Travis & Marlene King-Turner

Entrepreneur / Community Advocate / Speaker

Calisha Colley Alexander

Agent of Change
Coldwell Banker

Talesha Berdin

Owner Of Next Step Luxury

Chris McNish

Sweet Gap Owner
Content Creator

Shamari Berdin

Entrepreneur / Speaker
Credit Coach

Marsha Tucker

Real Estate Investor
Financial Services Advisor
Trader And Coach

FrameWorks Trading

Making Trading Simple
For The Rest Of Us

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Morton Hall, 301 Sparkman dr.nw #116A