Who are we? We are the average Joes with a dream of financial freedom and independence. So let me tell you our story. We are Marvin and Latesha, married with two children. We’ve spent most of our lives working in the medical field, and as you know that field is very rewarding but yet demanding.  

We were looking for a way to buy back our time and that’s when we were introduced into trading. My wife and I have a great relationship, and since she hasn’t worked in 5 years (lol), now we have an amazing relationship. We are available for our grown children when they need us, which seem to be quite often ( lol 🤣).  Also we have the chance to be there for our parents as well. 

WE ARE SO BLESSED TO HAVE LEARNED THIS SKILL. This skill MUST be shared. My wife and I have together over 10 years combined experience in trading as well as training others to understand the markets. We love people! We have the joy in seeing them grow from a lack of understanding to becoming consistently profitable.

Through our time spent with both experienced and inexperienced traders, we’ve gained a unique prospective of the common pitfalls that should be avoided to see success as a trader. We are very thankful for the opportunity that GOD has given us through trading!