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We take a step by step approach, measuring always, and revising often, ensuring our students stay at the focus. We believe trading is a learned skill that anyone with a desire can Master.


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When I first became interested in trading it seemed to be a concept I would not be able to understand but when Marvin and Latesha were able to break it down to the simplest level 🤩 it was like a light came on and I was able to see things that I've never seen before in the markets.


Marvin and Latesha are AWESOME teachers! I have been able to apply various techniques that have taken my trading to a higher level thanks to their patient and thorough instructions. Marvin and Latesha are personable and have a positive and encouraging attitude. Latesha was always available to walk me through any questions. Also, Marvin hosted a weekly study hall via zoom that proved invaluable! I would not be where I am in my trading career without the guidance of this skillful team. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Vernice S.

HEAD LINE: You can trade! The world of trading has always been intimidating for me. Marvin and Latesha are great. They will have all concepts explained on the most basic level. When I had trading questions or was stuck they had the answers.These guys are great teachers and know their stuff.


Class was good today! I got a light bulb moment! I can't wait until tomorrow! Like I have never made $$ consistently like this. It's absolutely amazing. THE FRAME WORKS!

Magnolia T

Happily I joined FrameWorks Trading, not only because of the high level of training they provide, but largely because of their great character! They have always done what they say they'll do.

Pastor in Alabama

One of things I learned is how to take a trade without the dependence of indicator!

chart, trading, courses

I listened to most of your free recordings and I really enjoyed and learned and gained another perspective on trading. I was able to see what I learned the next day.

J. H.

Joining Frameworks trading is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Marvin and Latesha have been invaluable in teaching me to understand the market(s), looking beyond candle patterns to develop and trade from structure, giving lots of examples in the different markets. They recognize that everyone has different needs and different methods of trading, and they provide the foundation to ensure that each person understands how the market moves and how to use that knowledge to trade in their own way. Marvin and Latesha bring their obvious love for each other and for trading to make Frameworks more than just a learning forum, it’s a family, sharing their ups and downs and learning from each other’s experiences. Frameworks is very personal, highly interactive and lots of fun.

Sandra Mae

Thank you for options, clarity and simplicity to choose what fits me. I was watching another community and had to turn off the volume, so I wasn't distracted by their conversation....the indicator was enough....not being critical, just glad you all have encouraged me to find my style and to listen to my conversation with the market.

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